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A tribal role playing card game

Harness the elements and guide the spirits of your ancestors


Five centuries ago, man reigned unchallenged on Tora.
He possessed advanced technologies and knowledge in every field. He dominated and exploited both nature and matter, altering their essence for his own purposes. This man's power over life and death was the cause of what is referred to as "Broken Circle". It is said that Tora itself rose up against the excesses and arrogance of man. There were times of extreme drought and natural disasters. Plants mutated, animals changed habits and behavior, opposing to their masters. Urban areas, villages and whole metropolis were invaded by ferocious beasts, insects and every kind of animal, while the flora grew at a staggering rate, ever more lush and flourishing. The deep roots of the trees ploughed through the foundations of houses and skyscrapers.

The world population was decimated by epidemics, famine and disasters. Those who survived, now organized in tribes and relying on hunting and gathering, fled from the ruined urban areas and scavenged for resources. Across desolate wastes, through wild and luxuriant forests and over ever-changing volcanic chains, men wander and occasionally come across ruins of the advanced civilization that once existed.

The Shaman represents the only guidance for these tribes, and he is their only hope of survival in this hostile world. He is the one who has “The Sight”, and can commune with the Spirits. The Shaman doesn’t take advantage of nature: he is its tool, and can therefor make use of all its spiritual and elemental resources.

The Shaman does not choose. He is chosen.


Summon powerful Elementals at your side.
They will protect you and lash out against any opponent at your command.
Master the art of Rituals, and influence the game with their effect. Let ancient Spirits come to your aid, and become one with you.
Play Multiplayer matches and defeat the Shamans of enemy tribes to climb up in Rank and become the chosen one of the ancestors, or immerse yourself in an addictive and deep Single-Player campaign that will make you live hours and hours of play in the mysterious and wild world of Tora.
Build Totems to enhance your skills, and add characters with unique abilities to your tribe to make it more powerful.
Unlock new cards by getting additional packs!


In Game Screenshot
In Game Screenshot


Voice of the River - Elementale
Clay Trap - Rituale

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